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Equine Experiential Learning

Equine Experiential Learning involves equine assisted activities in furtherance of exploring individual or team growth and development. This experience seeks to partner with you and myself as the coach in conjunction with the assistance of horses in our coaching journey.

Horses desire safety, food and connection through trust and authenticity. Horses provide you and I with information and awareness about ourselves as they respond to our feelings, emotions and true state of presence.  When we hide certain aspects of our relationships or emotions horses are able to sense the incongruency, or inauthentic aspects.  Activities and interaction are designed to acknowledge the presence of neuropathways and stretching our ability and senses to create new neuropathways, or habits.

I value the opportunity that equine experiential learning provides to enhancing awareness in personal, executive and leadership interaction choosing to move from pure thinking to balancing the mind, heart, and intuition.  Evaluating your choices and discoveries with horses, nature and one another allows the further exploration into the potentials and possibilities that exist to identify the growth, development and balance you desire. 

Horses are prey animals, viewing us as preditors, even domesticated horses.  Horses communicate through body language, resulting in what many of us would consider a "silent" language.  Their safety and preservation as a prey animal is to live in connection and harmony with a herd, each having a role.  Horses assess our heart, gut (intuition), and head to determine any incongruence or inauthenticity that may be present.  Horses have the innate ability, senses and energetic space to reveal in their behavior and response when we are authentic and inauthentic.  They also have the ability to "mirror" aspects or issues that may be at the "heart" of an issue. 

The many equine assisted activities and potential for growth and development are infinate and unique with each encounter, however, Hearts In Motion LLC, and Shawn Landrum do not include therapy or therapeutic services. 

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